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A large pubic bush on a woman. So big it makes her panties appear to rise, like Jiffy Pop Popcorn.
I thought she was fine till I saw that Jiffy Pop in her drawers.
by Fat Nik April 22, 2003
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pop-corn that comes in a foil pie dish and is meant to be cooked over a fire whilst camping.
Junior: "Hey ma' cook me up some jiffy-pop!"

Mother: "Jr. I thought I told you too much jiffy-pop will give you the gonnereah!"

Junior: "Ah dang!"
by diseased sheep July 08, 2006
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A particularly large, hairy bush, reminiscent of the old Jiffy-Pop popcorn which was heated on the stove. It was a foil pie pan with aluminum foil on top. Inside was popping corn and oil, and when put over flame, exploded into a metallic afro of sorts, filled with popcorn!
"Dude, look at the bulge in her slacks! I bet that motherfucker has a jiffy-pop!"
by jdog1096 May 21, 2005
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A large teased up balloon-like hair style finished smooth with a several coats of hair spray. Maintenance requires wearing a plastic rain bonnet or flimsy nyson scarf for outdoor activities or driving, special neck support pillows to elevate one's head above the sleep surface for nighttime protection (see Sunday newspaper supplement), frequent hand smoothing and mirror cross-checks to confirm finish integrity and global symmetry, and regular Saturday morning salon makeovers.
We had great seats for the wedding until those two jiffy pops took the seats in front of us.

Not tonight--my jiffy pop might crack.
by Tom Sr. October 21, 2005
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Jiffy Pop Pop, v. i. {imp. & p. p. Popped (p{o^}pt); p. pr. & vb.
n. Popping.}

1. To fuck someone with an ear of corn using butter as lube.
I Jiffy Popped this whore with a fresh ear a corn and grandma's homemade churn style butter. Add a little salt to make a Angry Seagull variation.
by CoCo Chloe June 05, 2010
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A discreet metaphor for smoking marijuana.

The term was popularized by the famous Tampa Bay shock-jock Bubba the Love Sponge as a radio friendly way to talk about getting high when marijuana was illegal. Inspired by the famous foil panned Jiffy Pop popcorns’ commercial jingle - “gather round the Jiffy Pop”.
BUBBA : “Hey Manson, where are Ned and tuddle?”

MANSON: “I think they’re cooking some Jiffy Pop.”

BUBBA: “Tell em to bring it in the studio I’m starving!!!”
by Heywood Jablomi May 18, 2019
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