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the act of stealing another players items on runescape
person 1: "Awww man... I just lent my Poonslayer420 my full bandos and he put me on ignore"
person 2: "l0l that nigga jfked you"
by 7 for 20 July 30, 2018
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When a man perchs on the headboard of his bed, jerking off, trying to shoot a load on his significant other, while they walk around the bed waving to an imaginary crowd of people.
Man: Ugghh! Take that bitch!
Woman: Oh, I've just been JFKed!
by littlegold June 28, 2005
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A possible abbreviation for "Just Fucking Killed", shouted by murder witnesses. If you want to send someone to their grave, be sure to take the person's life in a discreet area. In public, reactions will be unpredictable.
Murderer: "Now, to dispatch this fucker."
Witness: "What the actual fuck?!?! You JFKed that guy!!!"
by ArchTitans September 15, 2016
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To miss someone the first time with a snowball, and then hit them directly in the face with the second snowball that's thrown.
Dustin- Dude i JFK'ed her so hard yesterday!
Bob- What?!
Dustin- Yea man, i missed hitting her with the first snowball and then i JFK'ed her with the second one!
by DusTron January 23, 2012
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