Something to say when you have upstaged someone
Girl one: your such a whore
Girls two: *slaps her*

Take that bitch!
by awesomelyamazinjg123 December 13, 2010
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"Take your bitch" or T.Y.B is a phrase often said in "the HOOD" by real G's or some little Indian, American kid how looks up to "50 cent". the definition is to take a man's girl often when they are in a fight.
bro i am fitting to Take your bitch Blake said to angle.
by Chase Butorac September 05, 2014
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When a gay bottom can take big dick so effortlessly that he is taking it like a women does or like a bitch does.
You see that dude over there; me and the crew fucked the shit out of him last night. He sure can take it like a bitch!
by Chicken liver toast crunch December 30, 2017
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usually used when some one has been smokeing weed for a long time and goes to toke up with a couple of friends and starts coufing really bad. thusly, he;s taken it like a bitch
*inhale deep*
*couf couf couff*
ahahahahha u take it like a bitch!
by Cj, the smot poker August 13, 2006
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