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adj, abbr: jizz settings. Jizz settings is a setting that exists only in the mind. It rests above ultra settings and high settings in computer games.
Shit dude, did you see the new iPhone? It's hella jettings!
by groglox July 06, 2010
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person1: god why did i do that? it was so stupid. person2: i know, but its alright because we were both jetting.
by EK crew March 25, 2007
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The action between a Jett and a Jazmin in which Jett displays his less intelligible humor; synonymous to ‘fucking around’
Tells edgy joke*
“Sorry if that made you shiver, I was just jetting around”
by Jazminisababe696969 June 03, 2018
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Adjective: To continuously tell someone you’re about to take a break from working soon, with no intention of actually taking a break.
Adjective: Jethro wanted to stop and drink some water, but micheal jetted him till the end of the day. Micheals story about jetting jethro, is a hit among the boys at the shed.
by Oscillationsofmind October 04, 2018
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