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A very underrated rapper from New Orleans. Was signed to Lil Wayne's - Young Money, but he wanted to get released from the label because of little promotion, and under the spotlight due to Lil Wayne's rise in fame...

He's currently in the group called 'Fly Society'

Known for the song called 'Where da cash at' feat Lil Wayne and Remy Ma

Also is sponsored by DC Shoes
Dude #1 : "Who the fuck is Curren$y?"

Dude #2: "This nice ass rapper from the NO"

Dude #2" "He's the new era of Hip Hop"
by Younq marz July 29, 2008
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Curren$y is a new orleans rapper who originally was the founder of fly society.Later created JETS. his real name is Shante Scott Franklin. was a member of the 504 boyz back in 2002 and once repped no limit Master P's record label. around 2004 he left and hooked up with Young Money and created a single Where Tha Cash At. 2007 came and Lil' Wayne kept pushing curren$y release date further and further(because of his talent) obviously he was the better of the group and left. 2008 came and released a serious of mixtapes that gained him mainstream media attention by XXL Magazine which led to him being on the Freshman Issue back in 2009.

His Debut album was back in 2009 'This Ain't No Mixtape'
following the release of Pilot Talk I and II, Weekend at Bernie's and The Stoned Immaculate.

as for mixtapes check out dat piff!

Curren$y is one humble rapper and by far one of the best today. he is doesnt label himself a weed rapper as he is called to some. you can always catch him rappin about women,cars,weed, and his experiences. Watch one of his interviews he never disappoints.

Curren$y is an example of what hard work does and being an independent rapper doing it all on your own. He put his homies Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy, and Street Wiz on as well.

also his mixtape with Wiz Khalifa 'How Fly' is a classic

catch him with the Jets! and any other real cat he raps with.

Big Fan Here
"Boss the fuck up Be Something Nigga. I am an Example of what happens when you quit being afraid to gamble." - Curren$y (Example)

"Spit vicious and proud of it
In the future
My city will build monuments
Listin my accomplishments" Curren$y (summer reading list)

Me:Hey did you listen to Curren$y's tape with the alchemist?
Person: Nahh Curren$y trashh
Me: you obviously dont know shit i'll show you why he's called the hot spitta
(plays Scottie Pippens)
Person:i was wrong
by Johnstaysfitted September 09, 2012
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Curren$y (the Hot Spitta) is an alias of New Orleans rapper/Fashion afficianado, Shante Franklin, once a member of No Limit Records and Cash Money Records (not anymore due to delay of his debut album and increased hype of Lil Wayne) now is an independent artist one of whom founded Fly Society and now is currently paired with Mos Def and Jay Electronica in a newly formed group "Center Edge Territory". Undeniably one of the most underrated rappers of the new millenium!!!
They call me Curren$y, they know that im rich, when i go to New York im ballin but i dont play for the Knicks. {Sportscenter Vol. 1- Curren$y} (1st mixtape under No Limit)
by Marq Marz a.k.a. the Sequel January 11, 2010
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