That buzzed feeling the day after getting really stoned.
I tried to focus on the presentation but was still pretty jetlagged and couldn't keep straight.
by lagger1244 June 17, 2010
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The idea or theory that because of the shift of time zones when traveling, morningwood may occur at an earlier or later time than usually. The name for this untimely morningwood goes by the name of Mr. Sunshine. This effect can be especially bad when traveling on a high school or college trip.
"Thanks to jet lag, I've had an encounter with Mr. Sunshine..."
by Lakob October 15, 2008
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The way you feel the day after you smoke weed, Much like a hangover is to drinking alcohol.
The day after you smoke pot you wake up and just have a weird feeling all day. Its hard to explain but if you've experienced it you will understand what I'm talking about, that's Jet Lag.
Dude me and my buddy smoked sooo much last night, but today I have some hardcore "Jet Lag" and feel weird.
by Bluemagoo123 November 05, 2011
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The feeling you get the morning after smoking some really dank weed, such as orange piff, causing you to feel stupid and slow
that shit we smoke last night was tight but now i got some serious jet lag
by pifflovr June 22, 2010
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An easy way to blame ones own short comings on a shift in timezones but not necessarily restricted to having to actually cross said timezones see: NHL 98.
man1: dude I just kicked your sorry jet lagged arse in tony Hawk 2
man2: I have jet lag
man1: lick my nuts
by michael j fox in teenwolf August 21, 2003
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when a male has an erect penis for a long time and starts to lag after a while because it has been erect for so long
Lenny: hey babe how much longer are we going to go at this for?
Sue: Im not sure lenny but your looking a little jetlaged!
by nolovenoheart<3 June 17, 2009
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A person experiences jet-lag when two bowls are being passed around the room in opposite directions and that person keeps receiving both bowls at the same time.
Andy: Dude, this is rediculous i can't keep hitting both of these at the same time. stall one so i can catch my breath.
Pat: Jet-lag
by p55n4d3r February 18, 2010
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