A good excuse for blaming nature (and subconsciously yourself) to cover your inadequacy our shortcomings. Unfortuneatly this falls flat as an excuse if you use it in the same time zone. Note this also can interchanged with "this is a different version to my Playstation Ice Hockey" or "my sight is misaligned"
I should have rolled 6 instead of 3 but couldn't because I have jetlag.. also the dice are broken.. ehh I think
by SDP August 18, 2003
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v. - To lag behind, slack off, or do something poorly.
You're walking with some friends and one person is several feet behind the rest. One says, "Hurry up, Jose! Quit your jetlagging!"
by Chavz December 26, 2006
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Starting the week at work early after sleeping long during the weekend.
This jetlag just hits me every Monday morning
by vindevaude August 31, 2008
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When a girl looks way different than her profile picture irl
Guy 1: Dude she's so cute

Guy 2: Dont even think about it. Major jetlag, she ugly af
by Trumanblink April 04, 2017
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A euphemism for a hangover. It makes the user of the term seem a little more sophisticated than if they simply said: "I have a wicked hangover and puked all over the place". It's also humorous in that it makes the person with the condition seem like a world traveler rather than a sloppy drunk.
"Hey you look out of it"

"Yeah, I really have a bad case of Jet Lag this morning"
by Lokidog March 24, 2008
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When your significant other goes on the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) program and you stayed home missing them a lot.
She's on her first year of the JET program. I feel so JET lagged.
by serpentlover January 10, 2017
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Something you can avoid by driving or taking a train.
Kevin felt more like passing out than most people who caught a flight to California when he got there, but at least he didn't have jet lag.
by Philip J Weezley December 28, 2019
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