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a talented and slightly crazy songbird who attends university in the penn land. she is only southern if tickled.

warning: do not present her with wands.
Wow, that girl is exactly like Jenay!

Jenay is so cool..........
by lizziepoop January 07, 2008
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#1 silliest in the world. After Kevin of course. She is usually black but occasionally a reverse oreo. Jenay is one of the sweetest individuals you will ever meet. She is kind hearted and genuine. She has no selfish intent and only wants to spend time with people she cares about. She will slay you with her terrible dad jokes, but bring you back to life with her smile. If you ever meet a Jenay, say Hey! And hope she says it back.
Jenay is the #1 silliest in the world.
by Gingerbreadman15 October 22, 2017
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