a girl who goes out of their way to impress boys and make them seem that they're "not like other girls" kind of like a simp but for girls. otherwise known as; internalized misogyny. not the easiest to explain, but when you see one, you'll know she's one for sure. usually does this to be accepted by boys and be considered "one of the good ones" if you say one of these things, congratulations! nobody likes you ❤️
example 1:
normal girl: I don't skate
pick me girl: yeah I skate im not like other girls im unique! boys always go for the basic girls unlike me
also pick me girl: *can't even ollie*
example 2:
boy: girls are dramatic
pick me girl: IKR! I only hang out with guys because i can't handle girls drama !1!1
example 3:
*literally nobody*:

a pick me girl: "women can't take jokes haha!1!1 women aren't funny lololololol take away our right to vote!1!1!1 lollololol #repeal the 19th am i right 1!1!1!"
by anyonebuttrump2020 May 7, 2020
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a pick me girl is very easy to distinguish for other girls but men tend to fall for it very easily. A pick me girl will RAVE about how she only hangouts with the male species because its “easier and less drama filled” but in reality non pick me girls just don’t claim her. She will go out of her way to make fun of a gf for something private or embarrassing they told her in front of a group of guys to make them like her less. It goes without say that she will act COMPLETELY different when ur around guys verses when you are alone with her (girl to girl) Will constantly remind you that she is not like other girls and she doesn’t try around other boys because they like that she’s natural and wears sweatpants and might even go out of her way to say she is like a sister or mom to her male friends. Men fail to identify this type of pick me girl because she tends to “flex” her male relationship on other girls and hypocritically complain about pick me girls in-front of the guys . Overall very misogynistic because she wants men to like her! Don’t be fooled taken men because your gf probably sees it more than you do.
Erica: I think I’m into Zach do you think i should go for it?

Pick me girl: OMG ugh he’s like a brother to me we facetime all the time!!!

Erica: I’m so excited for Ben’s party! I can’t wait to look cute i haven’t in so long

Pick me girl: see we are totally different becuz like i don’t have to try around them bc they just know me so well and i’m just like comfortable looking lazy and not try around them

Pick me girl: *randomly texts Erica* isn’t it like so weird that i can’t find a good present for johns birthday like I KNOW HIM SOO WELL and we r sooo close i’m like his sister and i give him like so much advice.
by urmomsuncle May 13, 2021
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a woman who acts misogynistic because she wants men to be attracted to her. pick me girls often also defend incels.
Emily: did you hear Joanne calling me a whore earlier and telling me to get back to the kitchen?
Grace: ugh she’s such a pick me girl!
by gdjsgjsvd May 15, 2020
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A girl who craves male attention and tries to be "not like other girls". They are basically the female equivalent of a simp. Pick me girls use tactics to gain attention from boys such as posting offensive humor Tiktok videos so that they get comments like "OMG UR THE FUNNIEST GIRL". They also tend to agree with incels and call themselves "dishwashers" and they love to make fun of other girls so that all the incels will agree with her.
*Girl shows a little bit of cleavage*

Pick me girl: "get back in the kitchen u whore"
Incel 1: "finally a girl I can agree with"
Incel 2: "haha women are funny all of a sudden"
by SourGrapez September 23, 2020
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A girl who acts different around boys than they do girls, and they have a lot of "guy friends" and act like girls are always trying "too hard" for guys/school and you typically find these girls in grade/middle/high school. They say "quirky" when describing themselves.
"Omg! I am so short! I'm only 5,4! don't laugh at meee!""Um.. i dont wear that much makeup! haha i only wear chapstick and mascara i am just not like the other girls hah..." pick me girl
by randomuser231 December 3, 2021
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a girl who will say she has no rights or she belongs in the kitchen or “sorry i’m just a dishwasher” so boys will find her funny and will tell other girls she is not funny because she is a woman
girl one: *makes a funny joke*
pick me girl: “shut up women arnt funny were dishwashers
by michael34 August 4, 2020
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One of the most ANNOYING type of girls i've ever known. They basically try to embarrass other girls in front of guys, they would most likey do ANYTHING for attention. Also act different aroud guys to "prove" they're different than the others, mostly by talking about how she can play every sport, loves skating, etc.
Example 1:
-Pick me girl & friend chatting while some guys walk towards them-
Pick me girl: Starts acting different and pushes friend

-Looks over to guys for approval-
Friend: Ow wtf!
Pick me girl: Oh haha! Sorry i guess im just strong!

Example 2

-Friend falls-
Pick me girl: -would normally help her but she saw some guys from her class sitting on a bench close to them- HHAHAHAAHAH *friends name* DID YOU JUST REALLY FELL OVER THAT LITTLE ROCK? LMAO.

(sorry if its bad spelling)
by efootje September 7, 2021
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