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a girl who goes out of their way to impress boys and make them seem that they're "not like other girls" kind of like a simp but for girls. otherwise known as; internalized misogyny. not the easiest to explain, but when you see one, you'll know she's one for sure. usually does this to be accepted by boys and be considered "one of the good ones" if you say one of these things, congratulations! nobody likes you ❤️
example 1:
normal girl: I don't skate
pick me girl: yeah I skate im not like other girls im unique! boys always go for the basic girls unlike me
also pick me girl: *can't even ollie*
example 2:
boy: girls are dramatic
pick me girl: IKR! I only hang out with guys because i can't handle girls drama !1!1
example 3:
*literally nobody*:

a pick me girl: "women can't take jokes haha!1!1 women aren't funny lololololol take away our right to vote!1!1!1 lollololol #repeal the 19th am i right 1!1!1!"
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by anyonebuttrump2020 May 07, 2020
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A pick-me girl is a girl who seeks male validation by indirectly or directly insinuating that she is “not like the other girls.” Basically a female version of a simp. Characteristics of a pick-me girl: lets men walk all over her because of her “CaReFrEE” demeanor, only hangs out with men because they’re “unproblematic”, exerts qualities/characteristics of her male counterparts that were not initially present to be more likable and relatable to them, etc.
Ex. 1:
Pick-me girl to her ONE girl acquaintance: “Yeah, I just have sOoo many guy friends because they’re so chill and not catty like literally every girl is lol!!”
Ex. 2:
Pick me girl: *Just starts skating because she sees all the cute skater boys on TikTok doing it*
*May or may not post all over social media her one good run boarding/holding her board like she didn’t just start skating yesterday*
by Qtpie45 June 14, 2020
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a woman who acts misogynistic because she wants men to be attracted to her. pick me girls often also defend incels.
Emily: did you hear Joanne calling me a whore earlier and telling me to get back to the kitchen?
Grace: ugh she’s such a pick me girl!
by gdjsgjsvd May 15, 2020
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A pick me girl is a girl who typically hangs out with guys purely because she craves validation from them (often due to daddy issues) she will purposely change her behaviour when around a group of boys and most likely point out your insecurities or secrets you told her personally and make fun of you in-front of them. They will brag about how they are “natural” and how they do things “girls wouldn’t normally do” like claim to skate or play sports. (they most likely suck) they also continuously speak aloud about how “hanging out with guys is easier because its less drama” when in actual fact girls don’t claim her because of how fucking annoying she is and she has lost all of her friends due to the pick me girl exposing them in-front of stupid ass boys. You probably know one in real life. Drop them immediately if they do. This also come from internalised misogyny. Some appear on tik tik, disagreeing with feminist and bashing other women just for them to get some buzz from boys telling her in the comments “we found a good on boys” “woah a funny woman for once” either way stay away from these girls they’re fucking annoying and will literally add to each and every insecurity you have keep your head up queen.
*being nice to your face* *group of boys who probably don't even like her that much come over”

“hiiii guyysss! omg no yeah we were just talking about how *insert name* needs to fix her makeup! yeah like I wouldn’t know because I dont wear ANY makeup like i’m so natural and I’m too busy gaming to wear makeup ahahah!”

Josh : “*under breath* I bet shes not even that good”

Pick me Girl: *touches arm*
“omg josshhh stoppp ahahah stopp no literally like I love minecraft yeah like I found diamonds yesterday like omg like yeah are you proud? *fake laugh* ahaha yeah”

Pick me girl to ‘friend’: I swear like you wear loads of makeup right? omg YEAH its to cover up your ACNE right? yeah my skin is so clear because i clearly dont wear makeup so I DONT have that problem but like yeah you kinda need makeup...i can still kind of see it... *looks to boys for approval”
by dracularua August 10, 2020
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a girl who will say she has no rights or she belongs in the kitchen or “sorry i’m just a dishwasher” so boys will find her funny and will tell other girls she is not funny because she is a woman
girl one: *makes a funny joke*
pick me girl: “shut up women arnt funny were dishwashers
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by michael34 August 04, 2020
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A girl who craves male attention and tries to be "not like other girls". They are basically the female equivalent of a simp. Pick me girls use tactics to gain attention from boys such as posting offensive humor Tiktok videos so that they get comments like "OMG UR THE FUNNIEST GIRL". They also tend to agree with incels and call themselves "dishwashers" and they love to make fun of other girls so that all the incels will agree with her.
*Girl shows a little bit of cleavage*

Pick me girl: "get back in the kitchen u whore"
Incel 1: "finally a girl I can agree with"
Incel 2: "haha women are funny all of a sudden"
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by SourGrapez September 23, 2020
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