the most talented, kind,smart,funny,and beautiful inside out girl you could ever meet. Jenay will always be there for you. she is easy to forgive because of her big heart. Everyone should have a person like Jenay in their life. Once you have someone like jenay never let her go.
That girl name has to be Jenay cause she is amazing .
by kingbobisawesome August 21, 2018
#1 silliest in the world. After Kevin of course. She is usually black but occasionally a reverse oreo. Jenay is one of the sweetest individuals you will ever meet. She is kind hearted and genuine. She has no selfish intent and only wants to spend time with people she cares about. She will slay you with her terrible dad jokes, but bring you back to life with her smile. If you ever meet a Jenay, say Hey! And hope she says it back.
Jenay is the #1 silliest in the world.
by Gingerbreadman15 October 23, 2017
Jenai is someone that will steal your friends. She is conceited and a jerk. Someone needs to stop her. She takes all of you’re friends and talks behind your back about something you didn’t do. Wrong her and you are on her hit list. She slowly absorbs your happiness until you depression and it’s all her fault. Gets teachers to like her despite her rudeness. She is a pick me girl who steals your guy friends. She is also shorter then short can short.
*random name generator*
**just needed it to sound real**
Pj: she’s hot
Tanner:bro I’m gay
Pj: dude did you see how she killed Josie’s self esteem
Tanner: yea bro
Pj: she’s a jerk
Tanner: eh, she’s Jenai
by Obviousb1tch May 24, 2022
Jenai is the kind of girl everyone kinda likes. She's smart and she's got a great booty and great hair. If you ever need someone to listen to your problems, Jenai is your girl. She loves to argue with her men, but only cuz she finds it sexy. Don't mess with her though, she's tiny but she can take you down.
by playergreez36 September 16, 2011
A small girl with a big mouth, big heart, and big dreams.
Look at that girl Jenai...she may be small, but she does some big things! :)
by Crazysexycool23 August 2, 2011
a talented and slightly crazy songbird who attends university in the penn land. she is only southern if tickled.

warning: do not present her with wands.
Wow, that girl is exactly like Jenay!

Jenay is so cool..........
by lizziepoop January 7, 2008
best person on this planet, loyal, caring, loving, fun, beautiful, skinny and eats a lottttt, active, and way more. she’s amazing
ily bbg- jenai
by bichcumsucdesnuts April 25, 2020