Short for "jelly donut." Most widely used in Canada. Plural: Jellies
"Let's go get a beer and some jellies, eh!"
by John January 07, 2004
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A person who does not know anything about personal fitness, someone who is soft (not muscular) and doesn't workout.
How dare you tell me how to lift? Jelly mother fucker.
by PNC Meatheads January 08, 2011
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A stupid word used by stupid people, who cannot come up with original words. Replaces an empty space.
by RachelBlackburn April 22, 2011
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A Jelly is the SI unit for measuring fun. One Jelly is equal to three smiles.
It was founded by Dr. Joel Schock in 1994, back when the music was still good. It is currently being proposed to be added to the metric system. It mostly likely will not, because it is a slang term.
"Wow that camping trip was fun! It was at least seven Jellies!"

"That concert rocked the house!"
"Heck yeah! Acording to my chart, it was over 9000 jellies!"
"What? 9000!"
by Tony Grayson October 08, 2008
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To apply by/with force. To cram, jam, or stuff.
After payin for services, John is going to jelly his cock down the prostitutes throat.
by Tizzle69 June 09, 2009
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