Being a kiss up; trying to earn brownie points
Girl to hot guy: *agrees to do a bunch of shit to get him to like her*

Guys friend: damn that bitch is sugary as fuck

Guy: hell yeah, but now I've got someone to do all my homework so I guess it's cool
by Dr who is the best 2241 November 27, 2013
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The fetish of coating your sweaty butt cheeks with nice powdery sugar. Similar to baby powder.

Originating from the cheesy pickup line, “Did you sit in a pile of sugar. Cause you have a sweet ass.”
Guy: Hey girl, did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you’re fucking sugary!
Girl: I had no choice where to sit. All the seats were taken.
by Justicewithtacosandweed August 10, 2018
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someone who shows behaviors of homosexuality
that man wearing the tight shirt seems to be a little sugarie.
by unknown7890 February 6, 2010
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Sometimes Heroin or Cocaine is referred to as sugary due to their similar physical and olfactory qualities.
"Hey man you in the mood for some sugary?"

"Nah dude, I dont do coke."
by CMagick May 18, 2008
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Those chicks who smile and are really nice to your face, but as soon as you turn your back they sprout horns and become the devil.
by Em88Shay88 July 7, 2009
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Incredibly cute, adorable, and fuzzy, making one normally to vomit.
Hiiiiiiiii!!!!! You are...oh my gosh, so totally cute looking today!!! I heart you!!! Give me're such a sweetheart!! I loooooove you!

Get away from me, you sugary sweet freak!
by dave78910 December 31, 2005
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