Being jealous, or hating
The girls are jelly, the jealous of me
by VanessaKayy April 3, 2008
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Jelly is like a shorter way of saying jealous and it actually sounds friendlier.
Oh my gosh did you see how jelly that Chloe chick was today ew.
by :)))))))))xoxoxox September 10, 2014
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a nice finish in basketball, usually showing much finesse and graceful motion
Jon wall's 360 layups are straight jelly
by Kcrown December 12, 2015
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jelli is slang for 'Jealous'
OMG im so jelli of him cuz he's got a six-pack and all the wenches on campus.
by jenou April 11, 2007
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Another name for tranquillisers. Designed to reduce anxiety and promote calmness, relaxation and sleep. Can be used to substitute heroin.
Mark Renton from Trainspotting - "You could bring us some jellies"
by jims June 1, 2005
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Trying to have sex with a girl using a limp penis.
1. "I was stressed and I couldn't get my dick hard, so I started jellying her instead."
by Lambcriesatnight March 15, 2010
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