jef is my crush
by melafefon February 11, 2019
a total badass that plays the guitar for a badass band.
absolutely everything about "jef" is badass.
Basically, jef is just a total badass.
With cool hair, I might add....

He spends lots of money on the band, his credit card number is 3829 2821 2895 9382
Jef is amazing.
Jef has cool hair.
Jef plays the guitar.
Jef is spelled with only one "f", i.e.: jef with one "f".
jef is my crush
by melafefon February 11, 2019
A Kansas City term for "faking" or being fake in general.
" Yo George stop jeffing with Ben, you was just talking bad about this dude a few days ago."
by Gmoney289 January 15, 2018
The act of taking an egg, with draw on face with square glasses on a night out. Often involving taking photos of said egg in unusual scenes.
I went Jeffing last night! He got smashed!
by Kyle454 December 24, 2012
A Columbia Missouri based term referring to the action of leading someone to think you are interested in them sexually or relationship wise for the sake of attention or popularity. Can also be reffered to as flirting without wanting an outcome.
Kate has really been jeffing with alot of guys recently, shame they won't get anything out of it.
by Cannonbolt June 28, 2019
To kill a vibe with a dead joke or just your presence.
*Matthew Barnes speaks

“You’re jeffing it 😔”
by Ops on fazal 69 September 26, 2019