man #1: hey what's the name of that fat cow with that show?
man #2: oprah?
man #3: yeah, that's it. wow she really is a lard ass.
by icantthinkofaname March 06, 2008
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bovine mammal with inordinate volume of fat tissue
Yo 'sup?! This beef is only 80% lean - must have come from one fat cow, mothafucka!
by Truth2Power August 24, 2004
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more like bacow was here. laffo. prank'd.
mindo: "where's fatcow?"
dan: "he didn't come to school because he's fat and lazy"
by mindo May 25, 2004
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a fat cow is someone who cheats on people and eats hella lot
Camryn your such a FAT COW”
by Depressed 4 LIFE June 25, 2019
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When the bitch an unacceptable level of thicc
Cameron: Man that bih thicc, amirite?
Nigel: Nah, m8 she unacceptably thicc, the fat cow.
by Dummy Thicc ×2 April 17, 2019
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Fat Cow Disease- AS in Mad cow disease one generally loses the ability to remember and think clearly...In fat Cow disease one has an inability to not only think clearly but also perform simple functions such as wearing low rise jeans.

2. A sense of onself feeling lethargic, physically and mentally useless due to a sudden and unexplainable weight gain
Those blue jeans look like they should be on shamu! Judging by those jeans, she has fat cow disease!

2. Geez, I can't get up off the couch today and I can barely write my name. My fat cow disease is kicking in!
by Connie Etn February 03, 2010
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