When you bust a nut 3 times that your cum turns to rust and you collapse on the floor in pain until your balls become twisted and you have to go to hospital to get medical treatment.
Jamie busted a nut 3 times and then he collapsed. He jdogged.
by cheese128 June 13, 2017
Awesome person who starts off as a bit of a dick, but after a while, people will remember how awesome that person is, and will forgive that person and love them because they are just so awesome
Jdog is a great guy, he is just plain awesome
by Buddhapest December 27, 2010
Irish drake (loves waves) really outgoing boy and trash at call of duty especially modern warfare 2
Rez: why is he so bad
Az: lol chill it’s jdog
by ANALBUSTERS April 24, 2019
Hollywood undeads vocalist and guitarist and now he also plays the bass
YO jdog, YO charlotte you is hawt
by HU4LBITCHES April 21, 2011
The act of having raw sexual intercourse behind a shed
Norbit - hey did you hear about that guy who had sex behind a shed?
Nav - yeh! He’s totally a jdogger!
Norbit - classic Jdogging!
by Carrot pofter May 2, 2022
Getting extremely cross with peers then taking anger out on your johnson, nearly beating the fellow red raw.
Andys really upset about how butch spoke to him in the meeting earlier. Hes been in the toilet all afternoon throwing a Jdog.
by Laser layton May 1, 2018
a gay anorexic dumb ugly stupid twat who thinks he's cool but everybody hates
fuck, that kid is such a jdog curtoise, I hope he dies