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a beautiful girl, with very high intelligence, one that will achieve much throughout her life. She is a charmer that will attract everyone that looks her direction. She is angelic! An absolute animal lover. She excels at all types of sports. She will go far in live and get all she wants.
Jaydin is the most amazing person ever.
I want to be a jaydin.
by the protectir February 04, 2010
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The most amazing guy in the whole world.He is super sweet , super nice ,very handsome , and you can never ever love someone better then Jaydin
Can't live a life without Jaydin
by Perfect girl ;) June 11, 2017
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A beautiful girl, that is beautiful inside and out, gorgeous blue eyes, dirty blonde hair that will make your eyes water, creative, can do all types of sports great, she try’s with all her might to win, very organized, loves her family, could get any kind of guy she wanted, can sometimes be a bug, she is fun sized, can be a bad girl if she has her leather jacket on, has a sense of humor once in awhile, she sticks up for people, she gets picked on for her size, she absolutely loves her animals, friendly and caring, and thinks that her dreams can come true if she believes and try’s her hardest!
There’s Jaydin, I think everyone would want to be her friend!
by JJBUG May 28, 2018
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JayDin is a lazy peice of shit that does nothing and makes stupid remarks on everything and thinks that everything he says is funny. He is a fat ass that needs to die!
OMG JayDin is so annoying
by idaB312 January 29, 2018
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