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To javal someone - to throw a bicycle at someone over the course of a merciless beating, and then to shank them with a sharp object.

The term originates from a fellow named Javal who beat up a girl who owed him a dimebag, and then threw a bicycle at her. She inquired, "Is that all ya got!?". Enraged, he dashed into the nearest house of a complete stranger, retrieved a butcher's knife, and proceeded to stab her to death, 72 times.
-"Good morning Terrance, have you seen Stacey today?"

-"Nah man, bitch got javaled last night for smokin' Mr. Jefferson's weed!"
by Hamilton Spectator October 29, 2007
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A french word for "Da fuck y'all looking at?" Or "GET THE FUCK ON"
Yo, Javal?
by 4DGANG. August 31, 2017
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