it is a noun that can be any or everything that you are talkin about and is usually followed by an exclamation point. A better question would be, What isn't a jant?
I'm in this jant!!!
I tapped that jant.
This jant is on point
by JantSquad December 20, 2007
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Noun alternative name for the word "joint".


1.describes the action of smoking a "joint".
Lets go smoke this jant.
Lets go for a jant.
by The Grindle November 18, 2016
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a really thick girl thats just all around sexy (Virginia Slang)
Why don't you go holla at dat jant ova dere(day-a).
by Darryk September 7, 2003
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a noun or adjective used to descibe any person, place or thing.
"You see that jant over there?

Yea ma, she gotta jant on her!"
by Willzy December 14, 2007
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noun: an object, situation or idea. Usually followed by a temperature, either hat (hot), warm, cold etc....
How hat is the jant?
The jant is hat/ the jant is warm.
by lilrock April 1, 2003
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Portmanteau of “jeans” and “pants.” Full length version of “jorts.”
by Dan U. Butt May 5, 2020
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One leg of sweat pants and one leg of jeans
That dudes jants and pretty fucking stylish damn
by squadsquadyt April 7, 2022
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