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An eclectic and somewhat over-emotional mother
A: Wow. You're so artsy and well-behaved
B: Well my mother is jannel.
by theironcurtain April 10, 2015
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a talkative person, with an amazing personality. gets along with everyone. can sometimes be moody, but very sweet and giving. often misunderstood.
Jannel is such a fun person.
by JDBieber October 03, 2010
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Very shy girl, beautiful, likes to workout and has a great personality. Sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She’s also the smartest person you’ll meet. Is the perfect girl for any guy
Jannel your cute <4
by Christian<4 January 23, 2018
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A joyful personality with a big heart some Jannel’s tend to love to hard and get out down hard Jannel laughs all day long and can eat most Jannel’s are stuck on their ex’s and will go out if they way just to keep them in their life’s Jannel’s are quiet but when their comfortable around you they don’t shut up their mostly not fighters but try them & that’s ya ass
Jannel is a thot
by Bigtimerushal September 29, 2018
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