When something is made cheaply without quality or is so old or obsolete that is is crap.
I need a new car, but I don't want to buy that jankety peice of shit!

You got the free phone??!! Why would you want that jankety thing??
by Jenny S. May 25, 2006
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A relative of the words jank and janky, but with extra letters. Created through an act of inscest between the words jank and janky, it is the bastard child that none of the jank family will claim.
The inside roof of Alex's G-Ride Bonnevile, which is presently bare metal, produces a jankety noise every time a door is slammed.
by Malakas Takis January 25, 2006
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Adj. (Jank-i-tee)
To be of poor quality, appearance, or run down. Is used interchangeably with "ghetto."
Look at his jankety ass shoes; you can see his toes hanging out.
by Mr. Eponymous October 24, 2007
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Adj: When something is shitty and doesn't work.

Verb: To be shitty and not work, a person, object or anything.
Irrelevant Chuck Norris jokes, to make no sense at all like: pussy-attic-mouse-kitty-fuck-job-tooth-ache. Mary Popins, Bad cars, Bad movies
Person 1: Man, this toothbrush does not work! I put it on vibrate, but it still won't give me the satisfaction of a dildo!
Person 2: Well, fuck, I'd say that's a jankety piece of shit.
by Sam o_e June 18, 2009
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junky meets rickety with skanky overtones
moisha was adament about not crossing the border in such a jankety car.
by jay lassiter January 31, 2004
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adj. Something of a jank nature

syn. Ratchet, jank
That is one jankety hat you got there.
by Urmelia and Urriel September 16, 2012
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