1) A frozen espresso drink made with "high caffeine" content beans, 100% pure chocolate syrup, whole milk and chocolate ice cream. Invented by a group of coffee freaks @ 1994 in Santa Rosa, CA that had way to much time on their hands.

2) A euphoric state brought on by mass consumption of the non-alcoholic drink "janglies".
1) "Dude, why don't ya come over and we'll drink janglies and smoke cigarette's all day."

2)"Man I feel like I been up drinking janglies all night."
by DJ Schweitz July 4, 2010
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A man's balls. Also can apply to anything that dangles and that is jangly.
Where the fuck these janglies comin' from?

My inspiration for this piece: janglies.

She was straight slobbin' and bobbin'. Firm grip on my janglies. Very nice.
by Skeb June 2, 2007
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The act of being hyperactive or in a state of excitement.
Don't drink too much coffee or you might get all jangly.
by Jangly McJangle December 14, 2011
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the word british youtube sensation, charlie mcdonald, uses as a synonym for penis, or balls. probably both.
there's another one of those somewhere where you can see my whole jangly bits....
by oh charlie. August 2, 2010
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Possible a jungle man living in the wild on the look for a wild (memon) covered woman. Also a young student at a small mostly south asian populated south texas university, is usually stalked by a hijabi.
Hey yesterday I saw jangli jangda, he looks like a hot maulana
by jangliaurat October 21, 2010
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A state of nervousness one has to overcome the next day after a heavy Bender, the hands usually shake alot even Ozzy Osbourne would be proud of.
" I'm jingly Jangly today, a few Stella Artois tins may overcome this problem methinks "
by John Gaskell March 29, 2004
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When someone tries to say "jingle bells", but accidentally makes it sexual...
You: "Hey, do you like the Christmas song Jangly Balls? "

Friend: "Oh, do you mean Jingle Bells"

You: "Nah, you know what I meant!"

Friend: "Hah?"...
by #everything'sfunny February 1, 2018
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