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"did you go to the jamboree last night?"
"yeah, i had a great time!"
by mr slaw September 16, 2009
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Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
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a gathering of buds and jams.

buds typically refering to marijuana buds and a gathering of friends.

jams are refering to universally good rock music and are also an allusion to the beginning section of the word.
Why don't we all bring our mp3 players and some bud, go to a secluded area, and have a jamboree.
by serious jack September 07, 2008
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A female that wears tight clothes to bars and clubs. A Jamboree carries a positive disposition, so much that the combination of her looks, style and attitude maker her seem like so much fun. not exceeding 5'5

AGE: (Typically ranging from 18-25, although there is no true age-limit)
HEIGHT: not exceeding 5'5
-Do you know that Jamboree over there?
-Dang, look at that Jamboree!
-That little Hun-Dog is a Jamboree!
by Tapantho_4you March 20, 2011
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i wanna see y'all all who wanna plan with me
wave your hands cross the land if we family
say hot damn (hot damn)
we on a jamboree
this for my peeps here
i stand for you cause you stand for me
by Snoopy to the D-O-double-G January 31, 2004
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A jamboree is when a male is receiving anal sex, and right before the other male orgasms. He proceeds to pull out and fart into the receiving partners mouth.
"Cunt wants a jamboree, should I give him one?"
by Jambam23 August 05, 2017
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Place where men look to fuck ugly girls in the country
dude 1:"Dude, i totally fucked this fugly girl at a jamboree last night"
dude 2:"no way man, party foul. Megan is way prettier"

megan: "ugh jnasty fucked this girl at a jamboree. i bet she was fugly."
caitlin: "oh man thats some shit. i'ma beat his ass for fucking a fugly bitch instead of youu."
by ghettonun. September 05, 2009
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