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Naughty by Nature is a US hip hop group that at formation in 1991, consisted of the MCs Treach, Vinnie and the DJ Kay Gee - the group formed in East Orange, New Jersey, referred to as "Illtown" in the 1980s. The group first appeared on the music scene in the late 1980's releasing an album titled The Independent Leaders, under their then name The New Style. After the release of their first album, the group was subsequently mentored by fellow New Jersey native Queen Latifah and consequently changed their name.

Naughty by Nature realised major hits including "O.P.P" known as one the most catchiest hooks in all of hip hop. That formula continued to follow on their sophomore album. 19 Naughty III with the single "Hip Hop Hooray". Continueing to make music till this day, Naughty by Nature will go down in history as on of the greatest hip-hop groups ever.

How many people we inspired to pursue this?
Well if you wanna test the man to the truth is,

... Naughty by Nature makes that Feel Good music.

by Dylann September 26, 2005
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