America's favorite black man. Loves to work at 7/11 and steal the slurpees.
Damn, Jamal stole all the toilet paper again!
by jammyjayjay November 7, 2010
One bicycle loving, tall guy who is cool as fuck! Always good for a laugh and some company especially when there is a volleyball match involved.
Me: How did you handle your dissertation?
Jamal: I have been on a bike tour to Glasgow on the weekend and only got back to hand it in.
by Mica.Noise August 16, 2019
One sexy mother fuck with a dick size of 20 inches
He’s also insane in bed and steals ur girl.
Guy 1 “Look out its Jamal”
Guy 2hide the women”
by Damn smexy September 3, 2020
That tall lightskin nigga with ball 13 inches long and feel he the man he don't think he's better than everybody he feels that people should be equal
by Deep nuts wins 1 October 30, 2018
Very white tennis shoes. popular among the black male youth
by diesel #1 October 4, 2007
When someone needs to calm down because they are getting worked up over nothing. Comes from the meme “woah calm down Jamal, don’t pull out the nine
Jessica : can you guys get out of my way now!
Andre: jeez jamal
by Hugh jasssss October 7, 2020
Jamal a very sexy person, who is widely known and liked. He gets all the girls (and the boys). his charm is simply irresistible. He is often a handsome dark man who has a very large cock.

He has a winning personality and skilled in everything.
Girl: omg, have u seen that Jamal he's so handsome and good at everything

Boy: I wish I was friends with him
by Lincondinglefingerpie January 9, 2018