This is a term used in sports, and most commonly in basketball. It is when a black player on one team gets real pissed, and goes into Angry Black Man mode or ABM. The player then becomes unstopable, and only stops once he is no longer angry.

Signs of ABM are when a player dunks and looks pissed, or makes a jumpshot and looks pissed instead of happy.
Tracy McGrady is unstopable once he enters Angry Black Man
by Ben a.k.a Mr. T May 3, 2008
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a beverage consisting of every option on a fountain soda machine, like those in fast food places or gas stations.
Andy couldn't decide what drink to get, so he went with the all-encompasing angry black man.
by Doomie November 28, 2004
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1. Samuel L. Jackson (in practically every movie)

2. All sodas from a soda fountain mixd equally together(no diet soda, and its not supposed to taste like bubblegum.)

3.Some guy in Universewars/hobowars
1. "yes they deserve to die, and i hoe they burn in hell!"

2. "yo bartender make me an Angry Black Man.

3. "he likes white boys"
by Nikolai Diavlo December 11, 2006
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