Thorny bushes in the Pittsburgh area.
I'm not chasin that buck into those jaggers.
by roy December 2, 2004
Too be fucked up to the point of borderline death
Friend 1: yo did you see where my my buddy went

Friend 2: he drank too much fireball and got jaggered it’s all over Instagram.
by Managedbyike March 18, 2019
Psychotic Demi god that you should not get on bad side, he/she will mess you up big time
Daaamn girl you'd better not mess with jagger
by DaBomba March 11, 2015
The best person you will ever know. Nice, sweet, sensitive, and overall well-rounded individual. Holds it down and takes no shit. Talented too.
Yo, Jagger is mad chill, but don't fuck with him tho.

Jagger is mad funny.
by In love with soundcloud rapper November 29, 2018
Jagger is a sweet, kind loving guy who plays hockey and could get any girl he wants. He is a fun guy to hang out with and he is nice to everyone.
Person 1: Jagger is so cool, hes really nice too.
Person 2: I wish I had a friend like him.
by Sumyunggai March 13, 2013
That chick last night was so frickin jagger... Did u see her ass?

My friend can do the most jagger moves on a skatebored.
by JD February 26, 2005
The god of all games, even though his aim is shit and he can't play any game good, he still claims the god title by consuming anyone who goes against him.
Why do you drink to forget?: Jagger that man is my everything.
by GimmickEiGhT June 14, 2019