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Thorny bushes in the Pittsburgh area.
I'm not chasin that buck into those jaggers.
by roy December 01, 2004
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That chick last night was so frickin jagger... Did u see her ass?

My friend can do the most jagger moves on a skatebored.
by JD February 26, 2005
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Psychotic Demi god that you should not get on bad side, he/she will mess you up big time
Daaamn girl you'd better not mess with jagger
by DaBomba March 11, 2015
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Jagger is a sweet, kind loving guy who plays hockey and could get any girl he wants. He is a fun guy to hang out with and he is nice to everyone.
Person 1: Jagger is so cool, hes really nice too.
Person 2: I wish I had a friend like him.
by Sumyunggai March 13, 2013
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a thorn or pricker from a plant or flower(rose). originated in Pittsburgh from the Pittsburghese language.
Em jaggers ripped my shirt, god dammit, i hate flowers and hippies and the Patriots.
by donnie iris November 05, 2003
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adj. - something that is harmful, dangerous or risky.
Example 1:

Victoria: "Do you think I could do some hardcore parkour from this building's ledge to the next?"

Peyton: "Naww, that's too jaggers."

Example 2:

Unsafe sex is Jaggers.
by jaggerstothemax September 04, 2012
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Jägermeister, a kind of liqueur made in Germany. It's semi-sweet, technically called a "Halbbitter" or "half bitter," but falls in the same family as more bitter drinks like Gammel Dansk or Unicum.

See "Jager" or "Jagermeister" for more details
I don't drink any hard liquor except Jagger.

I have some Bud Lite, some Cuervo, and some Jagger for the party.
by spandex! July 16, 2009
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