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The act of inserting stuff to your penis' pee hole to experience sexual pleasure. This could be fingers, pencils, dildos or other suitable objects
John's penis was still sore from all the jaffing he had been doing yesterday.
by Wingster February 13, 2008
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I entered the locker-room to see all the 2nd XI jaffing over my gym shorts. Kewl!
by Kitty Clicker March 25, 2004
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To ejaculate onto a Mc Vitties Jaffa Cake, and then possibly give it to your sister so she can experience that salty pleasure
1. "Josh just Jaffed on that JaffaCake, he offered it to his sister." (He had cum all over the now soggy Jaffa)" 2."She loved the sight of him jaffing furiously last night"
by Old Sweaty Man 69 May 10, 2016
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