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amazing, ambitious, gorgeous, sweet, independent, crazy, fun.
"i met a jackelyn last night and i can't stop thinking about her."
by jbabe March 01, 2009
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Someone that is really special and is a beautiful angel. If you ever find a Jackelyn, take care of her, love her, give her a lot of attention. She loves attention but don’t be a jerk and do something stupid that she’ll cry about. If you ever do find a Jackelyn, love her like you’ve never loved anyone before. Treat her with love and you’ll be happy.
Jackelyn is the best.
by Baby;) May 26, 2018
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The definfition of Jackelyn is Something Amazing. She’s a beautiful angel that will love you till the very end. Her name represents her personality and the way she’s kind to others. She loves having fun and loves having a lot of attention. And don’t try to brake her heart. It’s something sensitive and needs a person to take care of her and her heart. She’s an angel in the sky and ground. She loves meeting new people. If you could ever have her as a girlfriend you would be so happy and she would always make our day. And she gets jealous sometimes, but that’s just because she cares for that person. She’s the best person you’ll ever meet.
“You just make me so happy Jackelyn”
by Only One;) May 20, 2018
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She’s beautiful. That’s all I can really say about this girl. She’s very sweet and kind. She loves having fun. She loves everyone she meets and loves to hang out. If she was ever your girlfriend, you will have to keep her because she’s precious and loves to have long relationships. She loves everything about her and would like to have a person that will always care for her and love her till the very end. She might get a little jealous but hats just because we cares, and loves you. But all she is, the best angel in the world.
I just love Jackelyn”
by Only One;) May 20, 2018
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