Among the rarest of a hunter's trophies is the timid jackelope. The nocturnal, antlered, longeared mammal has keen senses of both hearing and smell and is said to be attracted to alcohol.
To lure a fine, 4-point Jackelope to within shooting distance, one must use a blend of bourbon, beer and baloney.
by Ron Jackson May 13, 2003
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A hybrid species, a mix between a jackrabbit and an antilope. Its like a normal rabbit except it has horns like an antilope...
Look, a horned rabbit...
No you moron, thats a jackalope...
by Morpoggel January 2, 2005
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a rare animal whose mounted head costs $50 in colorado
sucker:man i feel ripped off for this $50 jackalope head!

friend: yeah you dumb ass! those antlers are glued on
by Shtoink September 27, 2006
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Someone who is acting without common sense, a dumb person.
What a jackalope! He's hitting on Matt's girl right in front of Matt. And Matt is huge!
by VAKI5 May 8, 2005
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a bully who has no respect for other people and who is very mean
saddam hussein (or, if you are a liberal, George Bush)
by jack December 8, 2003
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Adolescent who is always jumping about and behaving with no rhyme or reason. Mouth is moving, but brain is not engaged.
Sometimes exhibits uncontrollable or restless hand and foot syndrome.
The teacher was trying to maintain a disciplined and learning class atmosphere. It became necessary to move all the jackalopes to the front row, where she could keep a careful eye on them.
by Windsor A. Atherton III December 14, 2003
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A cute busboy at a local restaurant (Jack Astor's). Originated from mis-reading the back of his shirt.
Does that shirt say "I'm a Jackalope"?
No, it says "I'm Jackalicious", but I could go for that Jackalope!!
by jackalope_hunter January 28, 2010
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