19 definitions by Shtoink

one of the better types of sex
my girlfriend pissed me off and we got into a fight. but the angry makeup sex was fantastic!
by Shtoink November 05, 2006
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the rule that is implimented when the 3 and 5 sec rule are unobtainable... or if you work in a restaurant and just dont care.
*drops cheeseburger at McDonalds*
by Shtoink May 06, 2007
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a weapon in the final fanasy series sometimes translated better as ultima weapon or ultimate weapon. in a few of the games its damage is based on how many hit points the character has at the time.
in FF3 for the SNES (6 for you losers who picked it up for PS) the Atma Weapon could be used by anyone and the more HP you had the BIGGER and more badass it was.
in FF7 Clouds best sword was the Ultimate weapon dropped by the ultimate weapon... and the more HP you had the more solid and baddass it was
by Shtoink November 02, 2006
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a fictional place in World of Warcraft where Blizzard Games favors children and whiners over people who actually can pay for the monthly subscription and dont live in their parents basement.
Paladin: ZOMGBBQ!! that fucking shaman whooped my 13 year old ass in PvP!! *scribbles petition in green crayon to Blizzard*

(Tuesday=patch day) shaman get nerfed and paladins become even more unkillable... only in Azeroth
by Shtoink September 26, 2006
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asian... duh... look at the cat
azncat aproves of this...
by Shtoink April 17, 2007
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the one TRUE way to know if someone really loves you. for to cook bacon with all its hot spitting grease with no protection at all, shows dedication and a real commitment to another person.
i woke up and knew April was my soul mate when i saw her cooking me some naked bacon in the morning.
by Shtoink April 16, 2007
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a mime is a terrible thing to waste.
even though many mimes are terribly hard to fight the temptation to waste...
by Shtoink April 18, 2007
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