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A word used to describe someone who lied and or lies
by Mario's_Kingdom November 26, 2018
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Cheats on women and lies to every single one of them. Pretty much lives up to straight J guy names being assholes!
"Man don't be A Jack!! They suck!!!"
by HeyDanisaurus May 31, 2020
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Ajack is a person who claims another person as their child out of love, care, fun or all three.

Usually used is the LGBTQA+ community like where I am i know a lot of people that are Ajacks and claim freshies as their children and other people in their same grade me personally am Ajack but we love all of our children so don’t mess with their moms or dads and no matter what their gender is you can call them mom or dad
goodbye Jack I’m gonna miss you, we need someone like you Jack so your favorite child will be the next Ajack
by Jaxets May 10, 2019
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The act of throwing a party while you're parents go out to dinner.
Person 1: What did you do las tnight?
Person 2: Well my parents went kroger-ing so i pulled an Ajacks and threw a party.
by ChandlerBing May 27, 2009
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