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Any woman who can be noted for hopping from one washed up celebrity to another. Also any woman who happens to jump from relationship to relationship with astounding speed. (Comparative to homey hopper)
That girl is such a J ho, she gets around the block more than a meter maid.
by SBA June 05, 2004
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That washed-up wannabe diva from New York whose meteoric success is surpassed by the speed at which her career is flushing down the toilet; also known as Jennifer Lopez.
J Ho was engaged to that no-talent hack Ben Affleck.
by Da Nastee One May 14, 2004
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A diva-wannabe chick who thinks she's the shit just because she has a big ass and coins fucktarded terms like "New Yorican" let alone, "J-Lo." Is convinced that she's barrier breaker and inspiration for all Latinas out there, but she's really just a phoney, trick-ass floozy who needs to stop "Reppin' the Bronx!" Despite her Latina pride, she tries to look a white chick by dying her hair blonde and wearing those ridiculous blue contacts in...what was that music video called?
I wanna buy the new perfume "Glow" by J-Ho, but I'm afraid it'll sink into my skin and I'll get slut rabies and smell like ass.
by Pissed Off Chick July 18, 2003
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abbreviated slang for jehovah witnesses
Greg: Who's at the door?
Kendra: J hoes! three of them!
Greg: Let's sneak out the back and go to KFC
by wildmilechamp August 28, 2006
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What Jennifer Lopez needs to be called. What shameless self promotion, make up and sleeping around can do for an ugly common Latina woman.
by NYOB June 02, 2003
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the biggest slutbag trendwhore after britney spears and christina aguleria there is.

J-ho likes to sing as though she is having a carrot shoved up her rectum
bitch, hoe, no talent ho, cucumber ass-fucked.
by brother_number_one July 31, 2003
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1. A selfish girl who steps on people to get what she wants

2. A girl who lies, steals, and is a regular skank in order to get what she wants.
Oh My god! Did you hear about that J.ho, Latisha? She done stole all Carl's money and run off!

Latisha is a regular J.ho... she's always stealin and cheatin on somebody!
by Jer November 30, 2003
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