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a fugly she-beast who likes to cock block for her hot friends
By your wingman a beer cuz he will fall on the grenade for you!
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004

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Hot chicks always hang out in groups. There is always one she-beast in a group of hot chicks. That's the grenade. The grenade's job is to cock block for her hot friends... if the grenade ain't gettin love, the hot chicks ain't either!
Always designate a wingman to fall on the grenade!
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004

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a "girl band" (they did not play instruments) from the United Kingdom that became popular in the mid-90's; their members were commonly called Scary, Sporty, Posh, Ginger & Baby; the Spice Girls' popularity died after Ginger quit and before their third CD dropped; responsible for that goofy movie "Spice World"
The Spice Girls invented the following "girl band" formula:

1) the only one who can actually sing (Scary);
2) the butch one (Sporty);
3) the sexy one (Ginger);
4) the "cute 'n' bubbly" one (Baby); and
5) the stuck-up one (Posh).
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004

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a convict who is used for sex by his/her butch

the "catcher" in gay prison sex; the submissive

sometimes gets pimped out for some smokes, a jug of toilet wine, and a Snickers
"We is cell mates and being cell mates is like being marries. What do you wanna be -- the husband or the wife?"

"The husband ..."

"Then come over here AND SUCK YOUR WIFE'S DICK or I'll stab your ass, prison bitch!"
by Da Nastee One December 06, 2006

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phrase that describes a heterosexual man's ability to maintain relationships with multiple simultaneous girlfriends; such relationships are sexual in nature
Every true player got at least 3 women: his girlfriend, his mistress, and his bitch. He needs his girlfriend for sex on a regular basis, his mistress for oral sex without reciprocity,and his bitch for the shit that the girlfriend and mistress WON'T do! That's big pimipin!
by Da Nastee One May 28, 2004

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a sexy singer/actress with gorgeous long legs
Any man who is not attracted to Mandy Moore is a queer!
by Da Nastee One October 03, 2003

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That washed-up wannabe diva from New York whose meteoric success is surpassed by the speed at which her career is flushing down the toilet; also known as Jennifer Lopez.
J Ho was engaged to that no-talent hack Ben Affleck.
by Da Nastee One May 14, 2004

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