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RAVEN HAIR: /noun/ pitch black hair, like the feathers of a raven

RAVEN HAIRED: /adverb/ having pitch black hair
Actress Kelly Hu is one raven haired hotty!
by Da Nastee One June 12, 2003
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a gut so big, it hangs down over your belt buckle
Lay off the chesseburgers, man. You're getting a downover!
by Da Nastee One January 3, 2007
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a rural white woman who:
1) lives in a trailer with her juvenile delinquent brats and lazy-ass, drunken, won't-get-a-job boyfriend;
2) works in a "happy ending" style massage parlor or strip club;
3) puts up with her drunk-ass, racist bastard redneck of a boyfriend physical abuse because he "loves" her "so much;"
4) uses language that would make a trucker blush; and
5) her brats all have different fathers!
Trailer parks may also have one or all of the following physical difficiencies:
1) less than 5 teeth;
2) 290 to 350 pound weight range;
3) a lazy eye; or
4) facial hair.
by Da Nastee One January 30, 2004
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Something a woman says when her boyfriend fucked up & the woman wants to torture his sorry ass. Basically the boyfriend cheated on her and, instead of dumping him, nags him and refuses to give him nookie.
Men: if you cheat on your woman and she dumps you, you got off easy. If your womna says, "Let's work it our," RUN!
by Da Nastee One October 31, 2003
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preventing a hot chick from hooking up with a man on a one night stand by making an ass of yourself
a job usually taken by she-beasts and grenades
by Da Nastee One May 7, 2004
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to fuck a woman in both the pussy and the asshole, alternating between orifices ... and just when you're about to cum, you stick it in her mouth and she sucks you off ... then you kiss her on the mouth and she spits your jizz into your mouth ... and you swallow ...
Last night, my woman & I did the sickest, nasties shit ever ... that's right ... we did the pennsylvania chocolate pie ...
by Da Nastee One January 4, 2007
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one of them stuck-up bitches in a college sorority who is obsessed with herself
these fuckin cunts get drunk every weekend and spread their legs for anyone

im bitter can you tell
by Da Nastee One May 11, 2004
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