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smoke, grass, bud and that stank shizzle your brother sold ya all qualify for the "izz" or "Izm". First heard from KRS-ONE
puffin mad izm. Or as the big snoop dog :"twizzle that izzle"
by BSD June 20, 2003
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term used by WSC

1. game, pimp juice, ability to play women

2. weed
ex 1. bitches don't believe i spit taht izm, 'til my dick up in them

ex 2. shit nigga taht izm loox good, pass that shit like tom brady
by delirious drew May 02, 2004
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(n.) 1. A kind of "orgasm" a person feels when they are intensely stoned and feel like they're floating away.
2. Really good weed, or money to get weed.
"Holy shit, I'm having an izm! Damn this feels good, it's like I'm floating away and I can't feel my legs!"
"Wanna chill, dude? I got some mad izm on me from my homie."
by jeFFro April 09, 2004
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When somebody has an addiction to the thrill that something other than drugs gives them. Such as a sport or activity.
"Skiing really gives me that izm fix"
by M skillet January 28, 2014
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The made-up "brand" of computers that are "used" in MadTV, a television show.
I wish I had one of those IZMs from MadTV...
by Whitey Ahmed April 21, 2004
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1) A high level of coolness. Normaly used by a tech-fan to refer to a comic book, manga, TV show, movie or anime that has a techlogical or psycological twist. (see also leet , l33t , 1337 , 31337 ) 2) A thought induced by a comic book, manga, TV show, movie or anime that could cause your brain to explode. (see also skull fuck)
Guy #1: Did you see that new movie?
Guy #2: Yeah! It was leet!
Guy #1: No, It was better than that. Izm ... Izm, man.
by JainLikeRain December 02, 2003
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internet zombie movie
soon to be the best zombie movie ever!
created by paperlilies on youtube, making is currently in progress
omfg!!! izm is gunna be sooooo cool!!! that paperlilies is a genius!!!
by uuuuuuuu July 10, 2008
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