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smoke, grass, bud and that stank shizzle your brother sold ya all qualify for the "izz" or "Izm". First heard from KRS-ONE
puffin mad izm. Or as the big snoop dog :"twizzle that izzle"
by BSD June 20, 2003

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-Pronounced "Mark two" not "emkay two"

Volkswagen's second generation of the mark chassis. Production started in 1985 and ended in 1992 for Golf/GTIs, Jettas and Sciroccos and in 1995 for Canadian Corrados. The mk2 Jetta is still in production in China (hence the chinese door handle conversion). This generation includes the Jetta, Golf/GTI, Scirocco and Corrado.

This generation featured a light chassis, responsive handling and nice styling. Many options were available from the dealer (power locks and windows, sunroof, alloy wheels, cruise control, roof racks, power steering...).

Engines ranged from 1.3L carburated to 1.6L diesels and 2.8L VR6. Also available was the 16v (1.8 and 2.0L form) known as "god's balls", the reliable 1.8L 8v and the supercharged G60 (crossflow 8v).

It is a common mistake to think that these Volkwagens are enpensive to repair. There are many oem and aftermaket replacement parts available and there are quite a lot of them in junkyards. Most electrical problems can be solved by replacing old worn out battery grounds (negative terminal).
No 1:
-Dood your mk2 is so hot it makes me horny

Guy 1: Hey man I bought an old emkay two.
Guy 2: It's MARK TWO you dumbshit!
by BSD December 31, 2005

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Pronounced MARK two

The second generation of a vehicle.

Also used to define the second generation of the Volkswagen Golf/Jetta.

Dude 1: Look, it's an emkay two!!
Dude 2: It's MARK two you dumbshit.
by BSD January 17, 2006

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Overly militaristic, old fashioned attitude.
"That old man is fucking uberschmesser!"
by BSD December 01, 2003

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Beer piss
Oh man... that guy... just took... a long bersmashic...
by BSD December 01, 2003

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