One who continues to purchase items such as the ipod, and will be purchasing future items such as the iphone because they are mindless sheep. Instead of actually doing research on said items they will wander to the nearest best buy and fork out 400 dollars for an outdated ipod because they don't realize there are other options out there. The itard is so ignorant, that they will ask you if you have an ipod rather than asking if you have an mp3 player. Continuing this trend eventually itard's will believe that music spawns from ipods and owning anything else will be a strange and frightening experience for them.
Apple could bring back 8 tracks and these morons would still buy it.
itard: "Dude, what kind of ipod is that?"
Person with a brain: "It's not an ipod, its a zen, now get away from me you fucking heathen".

itard: "Dude, i can't wait for the iphone. Finally i can play music on my phone!".
Person 2 with a brain: "Yeah, phones have been doing that for about 3 years now. Now quit drooling and get back to making my fries".
by roflskates March 02, 2007
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someone who still plays cassette tapes and carrys a cassette player on them when they jog/work/are in class. first said by comedian carlos mencia.
what the fuck is that thing?
is that a cassette player?
wow that dude is an itard.
by john gallione April 11, 2006
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One who retards their senses through the use of information technology( ipods, laptops etc.) inadvetertantly causing harm to themselves or others.

Bill: wtf , some dumb Itard just knocked me off the sidewalk.

Itard: Did I just hit something (keeps listening to dumb emo music)?
by itard hater February 06, 2008
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Someone who stands in line to spends hundreds of dollars on Apple products.
Johhny stood in line for three days to buy that new iPhone. He's such an iTard.
by Matt Hallmark August 09, 2007
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self-centered duchebag overly impressed with their apple products.
My sister just got an iPad and never puts it away. What an iTard!
by AAAlexxx November 27, 2010
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iDiots that have bought in to the marketing campaign that everything Mac is superior. Additionally they remind the rest of us of their gullibility at every opportunity, droning on about how their iMac, iPod, iPhone works better and faster than any other device ever made.
Tim told me, again, how superior his iPhone is to every other phone ever made. iTard!
by rufrknkiddnme January 11, 2008
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Someone who is a part of Apple's marketing scheme of false heterosexuality. Owning any Apple hardware automatically associates a person with this group of "gifted" individuals who can do nothing but talk about how great their useless, overpriced piece of shit is. iTards have no sense of reality and therefore often believe they aren't listening to Hanson on their iPod. Do not let any iTards touch electronics you own, as they will likely fuck it up within 5 minutes.
iTards are likely to not change their ways, as they are spending their parents' money to be affiliated with a group of douchebags, not to buy an actual product. The best way to take care of an iTard is to spit in their face.
iTard: Dude, I just spent two thousand dollars of my parents' money to buy an iPhone and Mac. Neither of them work, but now I feel so cool!

Anyone with an IQ above 35: Man, you're such a tool.
by Nathan Francis November 20, 2007
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