A descriptor that may be used in place of the phrase "So-so", "Sort of", or a hand-tilting gesture, indicating the mere adequacy of the thing or event in question. Replaces the use of an actual adjective modified by the suffix "-ish", e.g. "funish" or "yellowish".
"So, did you enjoy the game?" "Ish."

"How did you do on the exam?" "Ish."
by Guinevere January 04, 2004
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A)a suffix used to give an approximation of time or B)to say that something is close to being something else
A) He ate my cat at around 5-ish

B) The pen that he stabbed me with was kind of biggish

NOTE: I do not condone the eating of cats or the stabbing of folk with pens (unless they really deserve it)
by D-Bomb January 06, 2004
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Suffix that can be added onto a phrase or word by another person to mean "kind of" or "not really." Can be also added onto the word or phrase by yourself after a long pause of reflection.
Person a: Do you think these jeans make me look fat?
Person b: ... ish.
Person a: *punches Person b in the face*

Person a: This sweater is totally white!
Person b: *puzzled look*
Person a: *walks into light and realizes the sweater is gray* Oh... ish.
by missjo5ie October 03, 2009
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Slang term for methamphetamine; dirived from another slang word for it shit. Used primarily in Southern California.
Does anybody have any ish to smoke or sell.
by Metro-LA June 22, 2005
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(adj.) 1. An estimation of time.
2. A way to describe a concept but not to its full potential.
1. I will get to your house at 9ish.
2. It is hottish (meaning it isnt quite hot but its more than warm).
by Katie July 29, 2003
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Another name for a person's boo, or someone their interested in. Not a girlfriend/boyfriend but the stages before that.
You and your ish are so cute! When are you gonna start going out?
by moshamoot December 31, 2008
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