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what immigrants say with heavy emphasis when pronouncing a sentence.

"wat i gonna do ish...finish da job"

or in other languages..

"ish gugeschimdt gergen mit sein"
by anon76889 October 25, 2011
A human being, the majority of the human race excluding arabs, of whom are also mountain monkeys in disquise. You need five fingers, five toes and a marsupial face with a baboon gorillian body to qualify.
by anon76889 August 19, 2011
I got TTD, or things-to-do anyways.
by anon76889 August 21, 2012
Derogatory term for a gay porn star. It possibly came from subtle unwitty jokes, originally spoken by Beavis in Beavis and Butthead.

Example: Ron Jeremy has had sex or dominated hairy bushes, the hair around the genitalia, of both sexes.

It can be used indirectly or politically for instance:

George Bush has had butt-sex with Osama Bin Laden eg promoting him into becoming bushmaster.

Monica Lewinski has ravaged her bush by Bill Clinton in the presidential office by enforcing executive decision over master of the bush.
bush master bushmaster beavis
by anon76889 May 28, 2010
comic book crew. A precursor to the vgc or video game club.
vgc, cbc, c-b-c
by anon76889 October 1, 2011
by anon76889 November 21, 2011
A close call like 'that was fucking close.'
that was fucking close, closecall, twfc
by anon76889 July 4, 2011