A Contestant on American Idol, Danny Noriega is from American Idol Season 7. he auditioned for season 6, but didnt make it past Hollywood week.

He Now has thousands of fans, becuase of his sassy and flamboyant attitude, and great sense of humor.

He is known for quotes like;
---"That was TMTH"
---"I thought it would be fun for a first show, but some people wernt Likin' it!"
---"I turned as red as a cute little tomato!"
"Danny Noriega from american idol should have won, but he didnt pick the right songs" -- Catherine
"I know, his song choice was TMTH" -- Laurie
by DannyFannyDAnimal March 17, 2008
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An extremely hott guy with an adorable attitude from American Idol season 7, who should've made it to the top 12, and even won.
Danny Noriega definately should've made it!
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Contestant on American Idol season 7.
Tried out previously but didn't make it past Hollywood week, but is here now and rocking it!
Danny has an amazing voice for such a... small person, and he knows how to use it.

He is also very cute, which is a plus.
OMG, did you see Danny Noriega on American Idol last night? He owned it!
by azlin February 28, 2008
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A former contestant on American Idol. He did not make it to that top 12, but that is only because SOME PEOPLE WEREN'T LIKIN' IT!! But most people were. He is as cute as a tomato, and he is TMTH for American and all of the haters. He has become very popular, and has thousands of fans who are devoted to him in every way, and love his guts! He is very loyal to his fans too. His fans are called Danimals, DannysFannys, Dannylions, and many others. He is very loved for exactly who he is, and nobody will ever change him. He is an amazing person, and he is sexy, and he is a great singer and dancer! He can seriously work the stage!! He is beautiful inside and out. He has amazing hair!! He is such a great singer!!
Danimal 1-WOW, did you see Danny Noriega last night on Stickam??
Danimal 2-Yeah, he was dancing and singing Tainted Love like he did on Idol!!
Danimal 1-He should so be on the show still! Danny Noriega can sing!!
Danimal 3-yeah did you hear him??? AAAAAAAAh it was like amazing!!
Danimal 2-Yepp. I love you Danny Noriega!!
Danimal 3- Let's go watch his videos and listen to his voice!
by Hawt_4_Sanjaya April 28, 2008
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someone who is loving to his fans, loyal to his friends and good in singing.

popularized the text word TMTH meaning: TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

he's so fierce!!!
man1: GOD! have you seen Danny Noriega? He's so fierce that he's TMTH!!!
man2: you're right, dude!
by akitsuchiya March 17, 2008
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Did you see Danny Noriega on American Idol last night! He should win!
by TaylorNoriega February 23, 2008
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