When you're trying to type is that a chicken but spell it wrong like a pure dobber.
by ChristineGilmourTheRiverCityEx October 16, 2017
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An infamous CS:GO troller, who is best known for invading high level competitive matches by using a glitch that allowed you to join any private game. Famously crashed multiple private lobbies, and even managed to invade Valve's LAN games. The user eventually became so popular, that there existed thousands at one point, up until the infamous exploit was patched for good.
Guy 1: Hey! Who's this chiken guy in our game?
Guy 2: What? But I set the game to private!
by deep stuff bruh November 14, 2018
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chikenes is a tiktok account owned by one of the most amazing people in the world! they are the part of the chikenes & bb cult. they are very friendly & one of my favorite people to ever exist! (*´∀`*)
p: hey, who’s the best person ever? i forgot their name.
b: oh their name is chikenes! they’re really cool B )
by beyondbirthdaysjam May 18, 2021
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by Reality of Chiken January 25, 2022
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Accumulating income.
It's some feigns up the block.

I'm bout to get this chiken.
by Jokadaking May 30, 2016
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the gamer way of saying chicken

person on Minecraft: ur a chiken lol
another person on Minecraft: no u
by you are mama July 27, 2018
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some one that has really skinny legs and looks like a girl
You have chiken legs is your name Thomas
by chicken arm August 7, 2007
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