Blacksmiths, knifesmiths and swordmakers, using Manganes ontained in iron ore (alloy of low carbon iron trace amounts of other metel) steel 1500 BCE manufactured originaly by celtic peoples linving in Austria, Spain, and Britian had made and worked the materials as Ninetinth-century
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American ironmonger William Kelly (1811-1888), was the first to a converter that burnt of the excess carbon a blast of air. He constructed seven of them at his works in Eddyville, Kentucky. When he was ready to apply for the patent on his pneumatic process in 1856, however,founded that the Englishman, Henry Bessmer (1813-1898) had just been granted one for the same idea. Alth., Kelly's prior clam to the process was subsequently demonstrated, he recieved neither the recognition nor financial rewards that should have been his. Bessemere became the known inventor of the new ironmongers steel.


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A blacksmith who works with iron.
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by emonthereaper November 16, 2019