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Someone you wouldn't look twice at in the USA, but in Iraq looks pretty fine, especially after the 6 month mark. This difference is exemplified by the numerical female rating system as adapted for use in Iraq. In the USA, this system rates women on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is FUGLY and 10 makes you cream your jeans. In Iraq, only the numbers 0 and 1 are used, much like binary code. A 1 is someone you'd be willing to have sex with because she's iraqable, and a 0 makes you reach for a folded steak.
Leroy: Damn dawg! Check dat ho over dere. Sista be nasty as hell, yo! Look at the guacamole drippin' outta her shorts!
Raoul: Dude, she's iraqable.
by TaskForceMung February 15, 2008
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A Chick hot enough to bang in Iraq, but not in the states.
Dude that chick is Iraqable, but i wouldn't be caught dead with her in the States.
by Dirty Sanchez 69 September 10, 2007
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A woman who would not typically be pursued by the average male in the real world, but in Iraq becomes much more attractive for the lack of better options.
Man, Butler was a total dog back in the states, but now she is totally Iraqable!
by barnaclebarney October 28, 2009
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A word used to describe a member of the opposite sex. It means a person that would normally be well below your standards, but looks decent enough to sleep with while deployed to Iraq.
She's not pretty, but she's Iraqable.
by PFC Ninja February 19, 2009
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Classification for somebody you'd have sex with while deployed to Iraq. Generally refers to somebody you wouldn't dream of having sex with back in the U.S. unless you were completely drunk. Since alcohol is forbidden in Iraq, your only excuse is that you've been in Iraq for too long. In most cases this means over three months although in some rare and desperate cases it can be as little as one month or as much as thirteen months for the deeply religious.
"She's kinda ugly..."

"Whatever, she's Iraqable."
by PVT Tentpeg May 11, 2009
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