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Quite possibly one of the greatest and most exclusive luxury cars of all time. If you want an eye-catching whip that sets you apart and ensures your ability to smoke nearly everyone else on the road, buy one. Coupes are the best for sporty fun, but imagine the look on the face of a Mitsubishi Evo driver when you blast his ass in a Quattroporte sedan. The extreme torque offered by Maserati yields incredible power straight off the line and translates to sustained acceleration throughout the 6 gear range. In a day when it seems that everyone owns a BMW, Mercedes, or other "luxury" car,

Maserati offers superior power and class. Nestled in the embrace of your Italian leather driver's seat, you can blow past any of these yuppiemobiles, as well as any rice burners "tricked out" with turkey launcher exhaust cans, turbos, superchargers, erector set style spoilers, or other homoerotic kits that make the car appear to go faster. As a responsible Maserati owner, it will be your task to put these swine in their place. While some newer Corvettes may be able to achieve a higher top speed, the chances of getting to such a speed during illegal street racing are quite low. Skillful manipulation of your transmission should allow you to smoke them instead. Ferrari cars, cousins of the Maserati, will most likely be able to beat you, but there are tradeoffs in everything. Maserati cars feature Ferrari transmissions and engines, however, after you get your ass handed to you by a Ferrari and you stop for fuel, ask the Ferrari driver how comfortable his ride is. He'll be the guy standing by the pump with the saddle sores from the shitty seat.

Maserati cars combine sport with luxury. These shits even have leather headliners. The entire interior is designed for comfortable, long range travel and beauty. Ferrari interiors are nothing if not spartan. The Maserati Coupe weighs in at around 4700 lbs. Heavy right? Nope. It's perfect. The wide tires, near-perfect front/rear weight distribution, wide stance, rear bumper spoiler, and the weight keep the car glued to the ground. Not many cars can take a 30mph corner at 80 without slipping. Not many cars can do 90 on the highway during a thunderstorm without hydroplaning.

The final delight is the price. For what you'd pay for one of those "other" luxury cars, you can have what is essentially a luxury Ferrari. Get you a Maserati!
When I told that cop that I was only in 2nd gear when he pulled me over in my Maserati Coupe for doing 80 between traffic lights down town, he was so impressed he just gave me a warning.

Did you see that jackass in the Camaro try to play with me? Shit, after the first 10 seconds he couldn't even see the tail lights of my Maserati!

Ghost Riding a scraper or a donk is not impressive. Get a real whip like a Maserati and then we'll talk about Ghost Riding.
by TaskForceMung March 15, 2008

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Someone you wouldn't look twice at in the USA, but in Iraq looks pretty fine, especially after the 6 month mark. This difference is exemplified by the numerical female rating system as adapted for use in Iraq. In the USA, this system rates women on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is FUGLY and 10 makes you cream your jeans. In Iraq, only the numbers 0 and 1 are used, much like binary code. A 1 is someone you'd be willing to have sex with because she's iraqable, and a 0 makes you reach for a folded steak.
Leroy: Damn dawg! Check dat ho over dere. Sista be nasty as hell, yo! Look at the guacamole drippin' outta her shorts!
Raoul: Dude, she's iraqable.
by TaskForceMung February 15, 2008

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A term that describes any variety of homemade computer database application, especially when developed in Microsoft Access.
Run that guy through the Flapjackery and see if we've got anything on him.
by TaskForceMung March 16, 2008

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One of the most flexible, multipurpose words of our time. Pie can replace the following nouns:
1. Woman
2. Vagina
3. Dog
4. Thumb drive (2Gb or larger)
5. Car
1. Let's go down to Zanzibar and pick up some pie.
2. She wasn't wearing any panties because when she uncrossed her legs I could see her pie. Too bad it was fucking filth pie.
3. Before I go I need to take the pies for a walk.
4. Bring me your pie and I'll give you a copy of Flapjackery.
5. Just got back from the Maserati dealership with my new pie! Let's ghost ride that shizznitty!
by TaskForceMung March 15, 2008

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The highest state of consciousness. One step above being the shizznit or "the shit." People who are the shizznitty are often characterized by their stunna' shades, Tyler Durden-esque goatee, spiked (but never frosted) hair, semi-retro dress style, and propensity for drunkenness, all of which exponentially contribute to their rockstar persona. To qualify for shizznitty status, one must be of substantial intelligence. Having your own gat is a plus.
You see that guy over there looking like a reincarnation of Hunter S. Thompson but with hair? Yeah, the one with the angry expression of hatred toward the world and the swine around him... He's the shizznitty!
by TaskForceMung March 16, 2008

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As a noun, buh refers to anything disgusting or morbidly gross.

Buh can also be used as an expression of scorn.

As a verb, to conduct buh is to have sex with something in a disgusting way.

Finally, buh can be the onomatopoeia for repeatedly spanking a woman's clitoris.
That biological waste container behind the hospital was chock full of buh.
I was so drunk last night! When I woke up my pants were all full of buh.

Did you see that picture of Britney Spear's pie? Buh!

I would have enjoyed Fight Club but there was far too much buh going on in the back of the theater.

Raoul Duke: *spreads slampiece's legs, bends them at the knees, then with fingers and thumb extended and joined* Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh...
Slampiece: Oh! That's fuckin' hott!
by TaskForceMung March 16, 2008

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