One could call him a spicy, hot, delicious man of all men. Has the reputation of capturing hearts with his smile. Gorgeous backside! He is completely devoted to the one he loves. An absolutely AMAZING lover! This spanish hottie has women worshipping after one night of romance.
Every woman wants a Raoul, they have the whole package.....
by MrAmerixan August 16, 2015
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He is an amazing fellow. Not many girls will love him, but the ones that do will not want to let go! He usually comes from Holland and has very blue eyes. He's so hilarious. He will be loved very much and is a kind, amazing person
Person 1: you know Raoul?
person 2: everyone does!
by Jock Hunn September 29, 2011
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One who takes what he does not need, causing the pain of another. Originates from the play "The Phantom of the Opera," in which Raoul seduces Christine, the saving grace and one love of the Phantom.
"Dave stole my girlfriend. What a Raoul..."
by Rinrishunken February 22, 2005
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Hard as Fuck, big ass black guy who take no shit from no one. Synonyms include Tyronne and Larant. Usually the grammar level of a seven year old. Enjoy delicasys such as watermelon and grape soda. You can find Raoul in his natural habitat stomping in his Air Force Ones on the court with a Basket Ball he knifed a kid for. His yearly profits are usually 30 - 40 % under the average GDP and even makes people in the Ghetto feel his presence as a sign they have hit rock bottom.
Yo Raoul where the chillun' ?

I donts know suh


Fine, I knifed his fo dis ball.

The one with Dora?

Really? Seriously get a job you lazy nigger
by dsfghfdhjndfhgj May 6, 2010
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A man you’ll need to make an urban dictionary definition for because he doesn’t know how loving he is.At first he’s shy but cute and then two years later he’ll be the most loving man to his girl.Honest, Friendly and wise.Never fails to make you happy.
And he’s also an act of eating ones child.
He just raouled it
Poor parents
by emmyemes October 7, 2020
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A black slave monkey who has never seen his dad. And never tasted water in his life.
Wow you're such a Raoul
by Raoul Ratio January 19, 2022
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