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The only cool city north of Chicago. Has decent looking downtown and is not all uppity like the other north shore suburbs. Home of Northwestern University
"Where you from."
"I'm from the north shore."
"You from the north shore, snobbish bitch?"
"Yea, from Evanston."
"Aww, my bad. you from the only cool city noth of Chi-Town
by chicagophanatic December 09, 2006
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The largest city in the Midwest (pop. about 2.9 million). Has alot of museums and malls. More livible than N.Y.C. and not as expensive as L.A. Great resturauts. Nice people but don't piss them off. Large, beautiful skyline. Beats all other midwestern cities.
Indianapolis ain't got nothin on Chicago.
Chicago runs tha Midwest!
by ChicagoPhanatic November 23, 2006
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1. Can be dropped several times on concrete and still work just fine.

2. Charges quickly and lasts a long time on one charge (up to a day)

3. Click wheel is very responsive and easy to use.

4. Has cool accessories.

5. Large, bright display.

6. Cool features.


1. Attracts robbers.

2. Battery costs a crapload of money to replace.

3. Expensive as hell.

4. Scratches Easily so you have to buy a case ($15-$50) to protect it.
IPODs do suck in a way, but they're not that bad!
by chicagophanatic December 09, 2006
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A sorry ass town in Indiana that:

1. Has alot of cornfields
2. Is boring as hell
3. Has a building (chase Tower) look like a penis w/ antennas
4. Looks like a giant suburb in search of a city
5. Has alot of Cocky, arrogant Jocks and ignorant wiggers
6. Has alot of redneck, white-bread, chicken shit maw fauckas
7. Has alot of stupid, white, backstabbin whores
8. Has mean black girls
9. Has raggidy ass roads
10. Has a football team that can never make it to the superbowl
11. cheated it's way into the top 20 largest U.S. cities
12. is not really a major city
13. thinks they're better than Chicago
14. has people who large pick-ups and/or SUV's that speed down the freeways at 90 MPH
15. has no streetlights or sidewalks
16. Has a small downtown with nothing to do
17. Has over-reactive cops that thinks someone will crash an airplane into their small buildings or nuke their cornfields
18. Has a bunch of old, tore up ass houses that make westside chicago houses look new
19. Is full of pussies
20. Can go to hell
21. People even in Chicago don't know exists
"Where u live?"
"Damn I feel Sorry fa you."
by ChicagoPhanatic November 21, 2006
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