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Gay anal sex. Description of one bending over to allow his male lover to enter his anus.
Andy Dick is a Bend Over Lover
by Doug Hightower October 17, 2005
1970's Term used for Anal Sex. Coined by John Holmes in a porn movie in the early 70's. Gays were often called Backstreet Guys.
by Doug Hightower September 29, 2005
The Most Expensive way to listen to music.
If have two options. Pay $10,000 to download 10,000 mp3's for Ipod, or pay $14.95 and download 10,000 mp3. hmmmm
by Doug Hightower September 3, 2005
Friends with Benefits is a PC term for SLUT and/or Whore. This type of adultry falls into the same catagory. Call it what you want, but to have a friend with benefits just makes a whore out of you. Save yourself for marriage.
by Doug Hightower February 12, 2006
A drunk catcher is an area where drunk drivers commonly crash. Usually at the end of long straightaways. Commonly marked by tire skid marks and damage to the guardrails.
A drunk catcher can often refer to the guardrails themselves.
Very common in rural areas.
Common drunk catcher areas include:
Sharp curves
Dead ends
Stop signs
by Doug Hightower September 8, 2005
Bloomer Crickets are slang for Pubic Lice Infestation. Also called "crabs," pubic lice are parasitic insects found in the genital area of humans. Infection is common and found worldwide.

Pubic lice are usually spread through sexual contact. Rarely, infestation can be spread through contact with an infested person's bed linens, towels, or clothes. A common misunderstanding is that infestation can be spread by sitting on a toilet seat. This isn't likely, since lice cannot live long away from a warm human body. Also, lice do not have feet designed to walk or hold onto smooth surfaces such as toilet seats.

Infection in a young child or teenager may indicate sexual activity or sexual abuse.
Signs and symptoms of Bloomer Crickets include:
Itching in the genital area
Visible nits (lice eggs) or crawling lice
by Doug Hightower September 4, 2005
Spyware and Adware cripple more computers per day than any computer virus ever has.

Spyware steals your bandwidth, that you pay for, to send back data as often as every 30 seconds. With a large amount of spyware, your internet will slow down to a crawl. Browser Hijackers are a common form of spyware / Adware.

Most big name computers come with spyware / adware preinstalled. Some spyware / adware will open ports for downloading even more spyware / adware automaticly.

The only PROVEN way to remove spyware and adware is with "Ad-Aware" and "Spybot Search and Destroy" both are free! To help prevent spyware the only PROVEN way is "Spyware Blaster", also free. All these require updates weekly to keep clean.

If installing a P2P or Shareware program that has spyware, DON'T BUY THE FULL VERSION. The only reason these companies are still in business is because of fools and their money. Don't use it and don't buy it!!! Although a program itself may not be spyware/adware, it will have it bundled with it.

Stick with Media Player!!! Most others are infected with spyware or adware.

Google a product before trying it!

Examples for Google Searches:

"Realone spyware"
"Gator spyware"
"Comet Cursor spyware"
"AIM spyware"
"Wildtangent Spyware"
"weatherbug spyware"
"__________ spyware" (fill in the blank with anything you are thinking about installing) If no results are found, try replacing the word "spyware" with the word "adware".

Fact: Google is only known search website that doesn't have some form of Spyware or Adware. Great homepage!

Beware of bogus spyware removal software. Here is a tip! If they advertise their products with pop-ups, banner ads, and etc. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

Tip: Try Mozilla's Firefox with the adblock extension. This will help you block all those spyware ads on website.

Castle Cops will help with the removal of spyware, adware, and browser hijackers, for free.
by Doug Hightower September 3, 2005