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A spelling of "women" that is a more inclusive, progressive term that not only sheds light on the prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers womxn have faced, but to also show that womxn are not the extension of men (as hinted by the classic Bible story of Adam and Eve) but their own free and separate entities. More intersectional than womyn because it includes trans-women and women of color.
Womxn's voice's have been excluded from mainstream dialogues for generations.
by juniperberry April 03, 2016
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A word created by SJWs to remove "men"/"man" from woman/women. Not only does it look retarded, it makes feminism look more like a bunch of crybabies
Jake: Anne wants to be referred as a womxn now.
Henry: Ha what a dumbass
by DootMcNoot July 15, 2016
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a useless term being used mostly by college students to divide the women's/womyn's movement, used by those who focus on men who want to transition to being a womyn or racial issues instead of focusing on the real issues affecting all womyn of every ethnicity like sex trafficking, rape, molestation and domestic violence.. falsely claiming the x is used to remove man from woman, yet the term womyn already did that and has been commonly used since 1975.
that womxn used to be a man.
by gnarly oaktree March 05, 2019
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A somewhat newly-introduced spelling of the word "bullshit".
According to the good folks at Pornhub, "womxn" isn't actually a word, and I usually let them set the standard as to what passes for a word because I trust Pornhub implicitly.
by Chodie.Foster May 21, 2019
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A more inclusive spelling of "women" that includes any human who identifies as a female, femme, agender, girl, lady or queen. Some non-Christian feminists prefer womxn because they don't believe they are the extension of men, like in the Bible story of Adam and Eve.
All womxn are welcome at the event, regardless of what gender they were assigned at birth.
by bamsmash December 04, 2018
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A misspelling of women. Any spellchecker would find it but its worth pointing out the dumbness in this misspelling.
Dess: Im a dumbass! I spelled women with an x! Womxn
Elsa: Yeah thats stupid!
by Super-possom June 07, 2017
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