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A spelling of "women" that is a more inclusive, progressive term that not only sheds light on the prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers womxn have faced, but to also show that womxn are not the extension of men (as hinted by the classic Bible story of Adam and Eve) but their own free and separate entities. More intersectional than womyn because it includes trans-women and women of color.
Womxn's voice's have been excluded from mainstream dialogues for generations.
by juniperberry December 24, 2015
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A more inclusive spelling of "women" that includes any human who identifies as a female, femme, agender, girl, lady or queen. Some non-Christian feminists prefer womxn because they don't believe they are the extension of men, like in the Bible story of Adam and Eve.
All womxn are welcome at the event, regardless of what gender they were assigned at birth.
by bamsmash December 04, 2018
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Tl;dr: intersectional alternative spelling of "woman"/"women" meant to include transwomen and non-white women

Pronunciation: unknown

Etymology: "Woman" refers to any adult human female. 2nd Wave Feminists determined "woman" to be misogynistic because it included the word "man" and invented the alternate spelling "womyn." TERFs and other old school feminists took ownership of "womyn" to explicitly exclude transwomen as mid-2010s activists developed their Intersectional value system. The activists invented "womxn" to explicitly include transwomen and non-white women. It is possible that non-white women needed to be specifically included because Intersectional ideology believes any feminism that doesn't explicitly focus on non-white issues is "white feminism"

Unintended implications: that transwomen and non-white women aren't included in the word "women"

Popularity: "womxn" passed "womyn" in Google Trends in 2018
The TERF womyn protested changing "women's sports" to "womxn's sports" so women wouldn't have to compete against transwomen.
by CerebroX May 18, 2020
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A word that feminists invented to apparently "bring down the patriarchy and spread social justice". In reality, this word is nothing more than a decoy that femenazis can scream about, while avoiding the actual social problems.

According to them, as the word "woman" has a "man" as a suffix, this reminds them of a patriarchal society where they were always oppressed by the men. In reality, this was an incident of the long gone past, and ironically the men fought and introduced equal rights for both the genders.

Women in the first world countries have several advantages over men. From alimony to false rape accusations, domestic violence, workplace deaths, suicide, women are almost always on the greener side. Men are more vulnerable to workplace deaths and suicide. A woman can say "I'm feeling low" and get everyone trying to help her. But if a man says the same, he hears "MAN UP!" and "WHO HURT YOU". Men can be the victims of rape or domestic violence but he will hardly be believed.

Do you know why men take up the life threatening jobs? because men are seen as "tough" and ready to do any hard job. This twisted perception resulted in men hide their feelings, leading to more suicide.

In reality, a biological female living is the US is a woman, and so is a biological female living in Africa. This is true for all biological females in the entire world, irrespective of their race or color.
Jack: Excuse me, All what?
Jill: Womxn.
Jack: What the hell is that?
Jill: Saying "women" is misogynistic and reminds us of the patriarchy and it...
Jack: STFU! You are not solving a problem by inventing new words. In fact, you are avoiding the actual problem.
Jack: *leaves*
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by urandom-monke January 10, 2021
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