A limited and perhaps temporary state of notoriety enjoyed by people, groups, works or feats that are made public exclusively (or nearly so) via the internet. The audience is of limited size, though their devotion may be intense. The "internet" qualifier emphasizes the limited breadth of notoriety in this medium, and its easy-come, easy-go nature. Internet fame may be contrasted with fame conferred by traditional media, which have relatively much greater access barriers and which react to change much more slowly.

An "internet famous" person might be deeply admired, but the total number of admirers is invariably smaller than that of a conventionally famous television, music, or film celebrity. This notoriety might persist: it is not necessarily limited to a Warhol moment of fifteen minutes.

This expression has a neutral connotation; it is not pejorative.
''You say Gabe and Tycho were at the 'con and you met them! SQUEE! ZOMG! They are so incredibly famous!!''

''Yeah, they were really nice, but they're just internet famous: my neighbors and relatives have never heard of them.''
by LandruBek September 29, 2010
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The state of having amassed fame & fortune by means of the internet.
Renee' of sacred.nu is hella internet famous, she & her site have been featured on 48 Hours on CBS.
by MischiefMaker February 25, 2004
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Two sets:
1.(derogatory) A person who has become known for/through various internet related activites (e.g. chat rooms, IM, newsgroup posts etc) and is considered by others to be a looser yet considers themsleves and their conduct to be cool and thinks that they are apperciated by the group. A more accurate way to put it would be internet INfamous, but part of the charm is that it is a snide label to have put on you and sarcasm is found in its use. Akin to the the guy who is 'a legend in his own mind', he thinks he is hot but others see him as a huge fool.
2.To be known for being exposed (by self or by anothers posting)in sexually orientated pics or vids spread using the internet.
Set 1:
Guy 1: That asshole flooded my inbox with his goddamn rants!
Guy 2: Who?
Guy 1: (IF name) did. He must have gotten my address from the schools list.
Guy 2: I know that SOB, he's internet famous. Fuck him! Just filter him and forget about it.
Set 2:
Girl 1: Cathy is soooo pissed now.
Girl 2: What just happened?
Girl 1: When she left Rick two days back, he still had the tapes they made together.
Girl 2: Home sex movies?
Girl 1: Yeah, and he put them up onto the web yeaterday.
Girl 2: OOh! She is going to kill him for that. Seriously!
Girl 1: Probably, but she must feel like dying first. She's internet famous now!!
by unslick rick April 4, 2005
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When you get famous on the Internet but nobody knows what you look like. And if they do, they've seen 1 or 2 pictures of you giving the finger or posing for the camera.
Maddox is the most Internet-famous person you'll never see.
by Didda Tinkle July 2, 2004
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Someone who everyone knows through their own personal website, high stats on a mmorpg or through excessive posts on a forum. Everyone who goes on the forum knows them by their username but not their real name or their face. Everyone in the game knows of this "legendary" person. etc.
1. Did you read the new Maddox post?
2. I just traded with xxx, he's lvl 200!
3. Wow, Moviefan1234 just responded in my thread!
by Allie April 17, 2005
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The state of having amassed fame & fortune by means of the internet.
Renee' of sacred.nu is hella internet-famous, she & her site have been featured on 48 Hours on CBS.
by MischiefMaker February 25, 2004
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Nearly as good as Ghostbuster famous, but not quite!
Fraaaaaaaan: i am officially internet famous

Aliero: whats that?

Fraaaaaaaan: nearly as good as Ghostbuster famous but not quite!
by Fraaaaaaaan June 20, 2008
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