Tycho, commonly known by his formal pimp name,"Tycho in the purple suit," is the older brother of A Pimp Named Slickback. He deals purple meth all about the northeast using his extensive resterant chain,"die geizig Huhn."
He can only be described by one word, and one word only: baller.

He's the Mac of Macs.

by _Mac October 29, 2013
A character in penny-arcade who is known to be the pimp of gabe. Tycho is the man in the relationship to make a long story short

Gabe "I have to take it again..."
by D.C. July 14, 2003
Tycho is basicly a guy with a fat horsecock
Is that tycho? I heard he has a fat cock
by MeaningOfNames12 November 22, 2021
It's when someone who is underage drinks a little bit too much. And then goes to puke in a bathroom and just lays down. And when he or she gets up it gets a bloody lip.
"He had 6 beers, he is pulling a Tycho." " LOOK AT HIS LIPS, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!"
by Ya_Boy_Thygom April 8, 2019
Tycho Brache is the brown haired penny-arcade cartoon-character. He has a worship dungeon under his room and is known to beat Gabe for a golden watch. he is also the one that comments and posts, and doesnt really draw as much. equally funny yo gabe
Gabe - I am the soul calib- - - ahhh
*tycho hits gabe with a shovel and takes his watch*
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
That little Ady Ray whos a baddie Ray. He knows how to start the party with the those obbessive dance moves. Like the world is his and you're just living in it. Hes Alpha hes the leader and hes the one to trust. He loves to quote Jeffrey Star anytime he can. Hes just a sussy bubba and thats ok. If you ever see a Tycho make sure to give a lil *Rawer.
That little Tycho, is such a silly goose sometimes :)
by Naz Norris October 15, 2021